40% electricity price increase does not hurt us! Read now why….

Many electric utilities are announcing painful increases in electric rates for 2024. Consumption prices increase dramatically depending on the municipality, in Möhlin by up to 40% compared to 2023. The good news is that feed-in tariffs are also increasing, and those who feed solar power into the grid will receive credits for it.

Electricity price increases don’t really hurt the future owners’ association at Schmittenhöhle 1 in Möhlin. Why? Because it has its own little power plant, so to speak, i.e. it lives in a plus-energy building. The owners’ association generates income through (increasing) feed-in fees and consumes a high degree of self-produced electricity. Not only for home use, but also for personal mobility with e-car or e-bike (gasoline and diesel will probably not become cheaper in the future).

Conclusion: the project “Three Gables” saves a lot of money for its owners in the future and gives them more peaceful sleep. Heating with the sun, driving with the sun and heating water with the sun. Everything almost free of charge.

Now the detailed sales documentation download.

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