What does the “plus energy building” actually mean?

Energy costs will continue to rise. That is why this question arises all the more often. The “Drei Giebel” project in Möhlin takes the PlusEnergy concept fully into account, to the financial advantage of the new owners.

A plus-energy house is a building that generates more energy than it consumes. It is a concept of energy-efficient construction, in which, thanks to modern technologies and renewable energy sources, the house produces more energy than is needed for its daily operation. This excess energy can be fed into the power grid, turning the house into a net energy producer.

The features of a plus-energy house usually include:

  1. High energy efficiency: Plus-energy houses are designed to be extremely energy efficient. They have excellent thermal insulation, high-quality windows and doors, and airtight structures to minimize energy loss.
  2. Renewable energy sources: To generate more energy than they consume, plus-energy homes use renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic solar panels. These plants generate energy from sunlight and convert it into electricity or heat.
  3. Energy optimization: Plus-energy houses use intelligent energy management systems that monitor and optimize energy consumption. By controlling lighting, heating, cooling and other electrical equipment, energy consumption can be efficiently managed and maximized.
  4. Energy storage: Surplus energy that is not needed immediately can be stored in batteries or other energy storage systems. As a result, the energy is available even in adverse weather conditions or at peak times.
  5. Grid feed-in: If a Plus Energy house generates more energy than is needed, the surplus can be fed into the public power grid. This results in a feed-back of excess energy and allows the house to generate income from electricity production.

sustaily development as a development company focuses on the concept of energy efficient building, because we are convinced that only this way is sustainable. And this investment is certainly worthwhile for our customers as well.