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“Hey chat GPT, write me a water conservation checklist”.

The current heat wave is already leading to water conservation regulations again in many areas. We started the experiment and asked chat GPT for tips on how to save water. We then added our comments to these tips (italics). Spoiler: yes, there is a lot of water-saving potential in forward-thinking housing concepts such as. “Three Gables in Möhlin.

🚿 Showers:

  • Short showers: Keep your shower time to a minimum (it has to be, but water-saving showerheads help, too).
  • Shower bucket: use a bucket to catch excess water and use it for plants (like, please, I’m supposed to drag the 10-liter bucket from the attic to the garden? That’s smarter!)

🪣 Toilet:

  • Reduce flush volume: Check if your toilet has a setting for different flush volume (this is a given nowadays, in addition we use rainwater as flush water)
  • No waste: Don’t use the toilet as a trash can (sure, who does?).

🚰 Faucet:

  • Dripping faucets: Repair dripping faucets immediately (all new in our house, all water saving faucets).
  • Brushing teeth: Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth (a matter of good parenting).
  • Dishwashing: Fill a bowl with water to pre-rinse and rinse dishes (we prefer to use the top modern dishwasher from V-ZUG).

🌱 Garden watering:

  • Early watering: Water the garden early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation (or we can have automatic watering with rainwater)
  • Mulching: Cover the soil with mulch to minimize moisture loss (great tip, we hadn’t even thought of that)
  • Rainwater harvesting: collect rainwater in tanks for irrigation (we are planning a 20’000 liter rainwater tank that will also supply the toilets!)

💧 Household appliances:

  • Water-efficient appliances: Use appliances with low water consumption (e.g. washing machines, dishwashers). (Of course, we choose durable and economical appliances from V-ZUG or Miele).
  • Full loads: Use appliances only when fully loaded to conserve water (a matter of good parenting).

🚰 Drinking water:

  • Water bottle: Use reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles. (ok, basically correct, but after all, we in Switzerland are world champions in PET recycling).
  • Water filters: Use water filters to drink tap water instead of buying bottled water. (good idea, but Möhlin tap water does not need filters).

🚿 Leisure activities:

  • Cover the pool: Cover the pool to reduce evaporation. (a pool? The Rhine is around the corner!).
  • Car wash: Use a bucket of water and a water hose with a shut-off valve to wash the car. (We don’t wash cars at home, thank you!).

This checklist should help you to be more aware of water and to save water in everyday life. Every little contribution counts! 💧🌍 Exactly right, thanks for the tips dear chat GPT. Making it happen is easier with a condominium at Drei Giebel in Möhlin.

Now the detailed sales documentation download.

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