Möhlin/AG: Green living for a green future

🌿💚 With ecological building materials, renewable energies and intelligent resource management, we focus on sustainable living concepts that minimize the new owners’ ecological footprint and enable healthy and sustainable living.🏡🌱

We are pleased to announce our first project in Möhlin/AG: 7 consistently sustainable duplex and penthouses as well as a corner house are being built in the historic core zone at a prime location. Here are some highlights that future owners can look forward to:

1️⃣ Consistent sustainability: We attach great importance to sustainable construction during planning and implementation. From energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to the use of sustainable building materials, every detail is carefully selected to minimize the environmental footprint and provide residents with an eco-friendly home.

2️⃣ Duplex and penthouses: The 7 duplexes and penthouses offer spacious living areas and a modern room concept. With high ceilings, large windows and open floor plans, we create a bright and airy living environment that meets the needs of modern families and couples.

3️⃣ Corner house as an eye-catcher: The corner house will be a special eye-catcher in the historic core zone. With its architectural design, it will blend harmoniously with its surroundings while offering a contemporary living concept. Here, tradition and modernity combine to create a unique living experience.

4️⃣ Community Living: Our vision goes beyond the building. We create a vibrant community where residents can feel comfortable and find mutual support. Community green spaces, playgrounds and meeting zones promote togetherness and ensure a high quality of life.

5️⃣ Ideal location: Our residential complex is situated in a prime location in Möhlin/AG. With easy access to public transportation, shopping and recreational facilities, everything is close by. At the same time, residents can enjoy the nature and recreational areas in the surrounding area.

We are proud to make our contribution to sustainable living and look forward to bringing this unique project to life in Möhlin/AG. Stay tuned for more updates and the opportunity to find your new home in this sustainable housing project!

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